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About Us


Specialist ICT &

Telecom Solutions

Konnect is a leading provider of the latest innovative technologies in the telecommunications, networks and data centers with its headquarter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Through our strategic alliances and partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers who had the largest fingerprint in the development of the aforementioned sectors, we are targeting to become the ideal choice for our customers in the Middle East market in general and the Arab Gulf market in particular to meet their needs to supply of fiber optic cables, power cables, connectors, accessories and communications equipment.

We work with end users, consultants and the channel partners to understand the needs of the projects and offer the right solution with a combination of technical knowledge, best products and faster services.

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Understanding Technical Specs

Smooth Supply Process

Speed Delivery

Customer Satisfaction



We aim to be the ideal choice for our customers to meet their urgent needs of supplying optical cables, power cables, communications equipment, artificial intelligence systems and data center requirements, through our deep understanding to the nature of their projects, objectives, and delivering the requested material at or even ahead of schedule within best competitive prices and high qualities.


We strive to make Konnect the ideal representative for the latest innovative products related to the telecommunications sector, computer, artificial intelligence and data centers by establishing solid and long-term partnerships with the largest leading companies in these fields.

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